July 14, 2024

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Someone’s Finally Dropping A Camaro V8 In The Tesla Model S

“If I fall a V8 in the Tesla, I can contact the company that created the motor and get any part for it in just hrs,” Wealthy tells the inevitable haters. “In addition to that, I’m creating a car that was as soon as a pile of non-operating sections, in its place of getting a new car. You happen to be welcome.”

Which is excellent adequate for us.

As for the opportunity criticism that Wealthy is using a Tesla and “creating it slower” by introducing an inside combustion motor with no the spectacular immediate torque of an electric powered motor, he claims: “the quickest Tesla in the world operates ten.4 seconds in the quarter-mile with the ‘Cheetah Stance’ update. The quickest LS-run automobile in the world has been jogging in the single digits [given that] prior to I was previous adequate to stroll.”

And whilst no manufacturing facility small-block can evaluate up to the finest, most rapidly-accelerating Tesla, the V8 is considerably, considerably less difficult to modify.