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The 2020 Jeep Cherokee: 10 things worth knowing | Car News

Right here are 10 points you likely definitely want to know about the 2020 Jeep Cherokee.

Lightly refreshed in 2019, the Jeep Cherokee stays just one of the more well-known Jeeps on the market place. Though you might see more Wranglers on our roadways, frequently topless, doorway-much less and even with shoeless motorists at the helm, the Cherokee has supplied it the excellent battle to stay between the leaders for Jeep gross sales. Insert to that its unbeatable pedigree and you have a components for results that even 10 factors will not thoroughly reveal. We figured we’d give it a check out just the same…

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# one The moment on a time

On moving into the Second Planet War, the United States resolved that it definitely desired a compact all-terrain car. Two businesses stepped up to give it a crack: American Bantam and Willys-Overland.

The military preferred the BRC (Bantam Reconnaissance Car) prototype, but it lacked in torque, furthermore there have been uncertainties the firm could generate the model in adequate quantities for the reasons of the armed forces. The latter then took the Bantam layout to Willys and to Ford and questioned them to strengthen on it. The prototypes that came out of that method have been the Ford GP and the Willys MA. The moment an engineer at Willys trapped a potent “Go Devil” engine under the hood of the latter car, the Willys MB was born, and it turned the U.S. army’s choice.

For generation of the model, the military named on each Willys and Ford right after creating a few units as very well, Bantam moved on to other initiatives. Right after all was claimed and done, two types have been pressed into services: Willys’ Design MB and the Ford GPW (for Government, P in some way designating a 80-inch wheelbase, and W in honour of the first Willys layout).

1942 Ford GPW

# 2 Almost nothing like a excellent mystery

So wherever does the word Jeep appear from? As the automaker has steadfastly refused to lose light on the name’s origins – nothing like a excellent mystery to deliver cost-free marketing – the theories have multiplied like rabbits over the many years. For some, the title clearly refers to Eugene the Jeep, a character from the Popeye / Olive Oyl comic strip. Eugene, it looks, had the magical skill to go anyplace and do something – just like a real Jeep! The concept of teleportation very long predated Star Trek, it seems…

Other individuals are certain the word is derived from the Ford GPW title, although the Common Function designation inferred by the GP letters has been contested by many.

A third idea holds that Jeep is an acronym that stands for “Just Plenty of Essential Parts”. As in, the car was made up of just plenty of crucial pieces to hold it going, with nothing extraneous. That’s of system a universe away from the cargo ship-whole of components that can be had for the new Jeep Gladiator!

The Eugene the Jeep character

The Eugene the Jeep character