Tips to Choose the Best Auto Body Shop

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5 Ways To Choose The Best Auto Body Shop | Blog | Auto Body Repair Utah  County | Martins Collision Repair

Estimates from different shops can vary widely. A shop may give you a $500 estimate, while another shop will charge $2,000 for the work. What is the difference? Is it okay to go with the cheaper shop? The best tips for finding the right auto body shop include research, location, diligence and comparison. We are sorry if that sounds confusing, so we will explain more below.


It’s easy to choose the first auto shop recommended by your insurance provider after a collision. It’s important to remember that your insurance provider cannot stop you from choosing a shop of choice, despite all the hype they may give. Before making a decision, do your research. Listen to reviews and ask trusted people who they would recommend.


Go local! There’s probably an independent auto body shop near you. You can search online to see what results are available. You should look for auto body shops that can OEM-certify your vehicle. Also, make sure to check customer satisfaction ratings. These shops often go above and beyond to keep their certification current. They can even return your vehicle as new.


Ask questions. The technicians at your collision shop will be able to answer any questions you may have. They are not afraid to give you the facts. You should also find a shop that can take care of your insurance paperwork. Before you make any repairs, it is a good idea to pre-approve costs with your provider.


It’s not being picky that you want to find affordable prices and great service. It’s just being smart. Call around to get estimates from a few local auto body shops. Ask for multiple estimates and, if possible, go to the shop to observe how they operate. You can make an informed decision once you have found one that is able to deliver the work you require at a price you are comfortable with.


Always listen to your gut when in doubt. Listen to your gut if you feel someone isn’t being honest with you. Refer to step three. It is important to get a positive vibe from your team when working on your car.

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