Two Types of Electric Bicycles

The usage of electric bicycles is increasing day by day, like the price of fuels,

The usage of electric bicycles is increasing day by day, like the price of fuels, since electric bicycles have a lot of advantages over other types of vehicles. The working of electric bicycles is much the same way as an ordinary bicycle except that it is fitted with a small electric motor that is powered by a rechargeable battery.

Basically, electric bicycles can be of two types, pedal activated and throttle activated. As the name itself suggests, pedal activated electric bicycles are activated by pedaling and are helpful in commuting long distances and good for exercising, too. In the throttle activated type, the motor is activated by a handle bar mounted throttle. Electric bicycles are available in various styles, frame sizes, components and speed. The batteries required are also of different types like lead acid, nickel metal hydride and lithium ion battery-the choice of the battery depends upon the terrain to be used and the weight of the rider.

The most important advantage of electric bicycle is that they are almost zero emission vehicles and thus, eco friendly. They also do no emit noise and help to reduce noise pollution. The recharging of battery takes only a few hours and is affordable.

People who want to commute on a small non- polluting vehicle prefer electric bicycles. They   are loved by those who wish to travel outdoors to do a little bit of exercising. Electric bicycles are also preferred to cars in the sense that the user need not search for a place to park the vehicle in the congested traffic, when shopping is done for one or two items. Electric bicycles are also used by children and students who like to go for a joy ride around the town or parks.

Normally, the speed of the electric bicycle is around 25 to 30 kilometers per hour, which is certainly faster than walking or even traveling by a car in a busy road which is fully laden with traffic. Electric bicycles can be purchased online too, from the convenience of the home. The maintenance cost of this bicycle is almost nil. There are electric bicycles that are solar charged, too.

An ordinary bicycle can also be upgraded to an electric bicycle by just fitting a motor kit that is designed for this purpose. The main purpose of fitting a motor for an electric bicycle is to preserve the energy of the cyclist, as also increase the speed of the cycle and thus make riding a convenient experience. Needless to say, electric bicycles are very efficient and useful and there is no reason why it should not be preferred to other forms of two wheelers.