Wheelchair Mobility Cars & Vehicles in the UK

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When looking for wheelchair mobility cars, you should look for vehicles with several features that will make driving more comfortable and enjoyable. Some models are designed specifically for driving in a wheelchair, such as the Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle and the Ford Explorer. Other features make driving easier and safer for wheelchair users.

There are several options available in the UK if you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. These vehicles are available in different sizes and with various types of accessibility. Some of them feature an automatic gearbox and additional driving controls. Some are fitted with adaptive driving systems. Depending on your needs, you can find the ideal wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

WAV in the UK

If you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle for your needs, you can benefit from the services of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle conversion company. These companies are licensed by the Financial Services Authority and Motability to convert wheelchair-accessible vehicles. To ensure the safety of wheelchair users, wheelchair conversion companies must meet specific standards.

Modifications are made to a vehicle to make it accessible for wheelchair users.

Vehicle modifications make it easier for wheelchair users to enter and exit the car. Vehicle modifications are regulated by the UK Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency. There are many different types of adaptations. It is essential to get advice on what type of modifications will suit you and your needs.

These adaptations are essential for people who use wheelchairs. They must be able to use the vehicle practically and safely. For motorised wheelchairs, these adaptations can be made with ramps or transfers. These wheelchairs must be securely held during the journey.

Legal steps to register a wheelchair-accessible vehicle in the UK

If you are in the UK and have a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, there are some legal steps that you need to follow. First of all, you must register your vehicle on an approved register. Then, you need to provide proof that you have a WAV and that it is compliant with the law. A mobility adviser or adaptation company can help you with this process.

It’s important to note that two types of wheelchairs need to be accounted for in wheelchair-accessible vehicle registration. Some require a particular kind of vehicle, while others need a WAV of a different size. It’s also important to remember that different wheelchairs can be fitted into different types of cars.

Types of wheelchair-accessible vehicles

There are many types of wheelchair-accessible vehicles on the market. Some of them are adapted from standard cars. Others can be adapted from larger, commercial vehicles, like the Ford Transit or Peugeot Boxer. They are all similar in size but can be used in different ways. Some have automatic gearboxes, and others have special adaptions that make driving easier.

Medium-sized wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAVs) are usually small cars or MPVs. They have a ramp on the rear. It allows wheelchair users to enter and exit the vehicle in their preferred travelling position. Many of them also have a winch for wheelchair assistance. Seating arrangements for wheelchair users are also adjusted to fit their needs.

Benefits of wheelchair-accessible vehicles

Wheelchair users can enjoy much more comfortable rides in wheelchair-accessible vehicles. These vehicles are designed with a lift or ramp that enables wheelchair users to sit next to the driver. These vehicles also feature an accessible dashboard with air conditioning controls, a music system, and a heater.

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are designed to allow wheelchair users to travel without the assistance of caregivers. They should also be easy to enter and exit. This can be achieved by using automatic doors, ramps, or lifts. They can also have locks to help the user exit and dock. Additionally, the vehicles can be fitted with hand controls instead of pedals.


Minivans are an excellent choice for wheelchair-accessible vehicles. They are smaller versions of full-size vans. It makes minivans easier to park and uses less fuel. There are different types of minivans available. It is essential to consider your specific needs before buying a new vehicle.

Accessible minivans, also known as ramp vans, are an excellent choice for wheelchair users. These vans feature a lowered floor and lightweight ramp. Many also feature a kneeling system that reduces the slope of the ramp. These vehicles allow wheelchair users to ride as passengers or drive cars. A wheelchair conversion can also be completed on a minivan for a relatively low cost.

Comfortable interior

Cars that feature lowered floors and comfortable seating are excellent choices for families with a wheelchair user in tow. Some models can comfortably seat five seated passengers and wheelchair users. Some also offer luggage storage when the wheelchair space isn’t being used. 

Other cars that are accessible for wheelchair-accessible vehicles include the vantage mobility odyssey and the Honda Odyssey. These vehicles are designed with space in mind and feature power ramps. The Ford Mustang is another excellent choice for wheelchair users, as it offers plenty of headroom, legroom, and power-assisted seating. Minivans are also a popular choice, thanks to their large cabins and decent fuel economy.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best cars for wheelchair mobility is reliability. A reliable WAV will be comfortable and reliable. It should also have the features you need. Wheelchair users need a reliable vehicle that they can effortlessly enter and exit regardless of the features. They need a car that is easy to manoeuvre and comfortable.

Boxy style

Boxy-style cars are a popular choice for people with limited mobility. Despite their quirky exterior, they are large and roomy inside. Their low floor and high ceilings make for easy entry and exit. Additionally, their price makes them affordable for nearly anyone.

Citroen wheelchair-accessible vehicle

If you or someone in your family is disabled, you can consider a Citroen wheelchair-accessible vehicle. These vehicles can be modified to accommodate disabled passengers safely and comfortably. The conversion process requires a second phase Certificate of Conformity and European Type Approval. Both of these documents eliminate the need for time-consuming vehicle inspections.

Citroen Berlingo WAV

You can find various wheelchair-accessible vehicles from Citroen at Wholesale Car Company. The Citroen Berlingo WAV is an excellent choice for disabled individuals as it has ample space for a wheelchair. It is also highly flexible, and you can order it with varying configurations. For example, the second row can be ordered as three separate seats or as a bench with a 60/40 split. If you need more space in the back, you can order the Citroen Berlingo Multispace. Its folding ramp is easy to manoeuvre, and the vehicle is equipped with plenty of comfort features.

A wheelchair-accessible Citroen Berlingo can seat four people comfortably. The Berlingo WAV can carry a wheelchair passenger and a mobility scooter. Its length is just a few centimetres longer than a Ford Focus hatchback. It is an excellent value for money as well.

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