Day: March 8, 2020

Formula 1 team prospects for the upcoming season

LONDON (Reuters) – Team by team prospects for the 2020 Formula One season that starts in Australia on March 15.


MERCEDES (44-Lewis Hamilton, 77-Valtteri Bottas)

The champions, clear favourites and team to beat as ever. Chasing an unheard of seventh successive title double, with Lewis Hamilton aiming to equal Michael Schumacher’s record seven drivers’ titles. An innovative dual-axis steering (DAS) wheel system has been the talk of testing. Hamilton’s future will be a running saga but Mercedes want him to stay, Bottas must convince the team if he is to continue with them into the new era.

Likely outcome: More champagne, both titles.


FERRARI (5-Sebastian Vettel, 16-Charles Leclerc)

Ferrari say they are behind Mercedes on speed and engine power but rivals suspect the Italians have something in reserve. The first few races should give a clearer picture. The car has less straight line speed but improved handling through the corners.

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