Day: March 17, 2020

Russia Takes Tuning To Next Level By Installing Four Mufflers

Garage fifty four has been accomplishing odd issues with cars, typically with Lada vehicles. The Russian tuner has as soon as converted a Lada to have a middle wheel lock. It also attempted to convert a person into a D.I.Y. all-wheel-generate sedan. There was also this a person time when the men coated a pink Lada with 35 layers of very clear coat for a quite shiny finish.

But Garage fifty four is just not just into Ladas. These men as soon as strain-washed a Nissan in the name of science, although a Toyota RAV4 with an computerized gearbox was experimented on to see whether or not it will break down when switched to reverse at speeds although going ahead. Most lately, a Fiat Uno was presented eight wheels – certainly, eight wheels, making it a odd-wanting hatchback.

Now, that same Fiat Uno has been repurposed with something

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