Day: March 13, 2020

Monkey Light turns your bicycle wheels into illuminating art


Amr: Hey Autobloggers! Amr right here. I’m genuinely thrilled to present you this product that we obtained in right now. A corporation out in Berkeley, CA, MonkeyLectric, will make these illuminating LED light attachments for your bicycle. The concept driving this is to enable riders turn into far more noticeable to cars for the duration of night time bicycle rides but also flip heads and search fly although biking about town. And guess what, they despatched us two! Yeah! They despatched us the A15 Automatic which is the starter model and we have the M232R to test out. They also have a Pro model but we do not have that just one to present you right now.

The change concerning the Pro model and these two is that the Pro model can play GIFs, videos, and your possess custom made artwork, which is in fact pretty awesome, but the

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