Day: February 17, 2021

Sumitomo to start Sumika Polymer Compounds Poland | Automotive Industry News

Sumitomo Chemical is to build Sumika Polymer Compounds Poland (SPCP), to boost its polypropylene (PP) compound business.

SPCP will start business creation in the spring of 2022.

PP compounds are components built by kneading PP with synthetic rubber, glass fibres, or inorganic fillers to strengthen its operation and increase rigidity and other homes, for use in car bumpers, interiors and house appliances.

Sumitomo Chemical Group maintains it has a aggressive gain in short glass fibre strengthened PP compounds (GFPP). GFPP is a material which combines the mild bodyweight and mouldability of PP, with the power and warmth tolerance of glass fibres.

The Group has been growing GFPP profits globally for use in automotive parts, this sort of as battery casings and house appliances, this sort of as drum include cases for washing machines.

Many automobile companies have creation bases in Poland and neighbouring regions, this sort of as Japanese Germany

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