Security on Bycycle Trailer

Rodolfo Schellin

Bicycle trailers for sale meet the design that is different, ranging from tools that are equipped with fasteners, and finishing with homemade, sometimes the technique also strange, but in any case, the foundation construction platform mounted on wheels. Trailer Company for bicycle different tools, such as fasteners, tilt, folding ramps, and other add-ons. The homemade device in many cases is a wooden or metal conventional platform, located on the axle.

In the trailer can transport all types of motorized vehicles. But to convey to an expensive destination bicycle sport, transportation platform must be equipped with a special device. They allow you to make transportation more convenient and secure in terms of vehicle safety. In the trailer for transporting bicycle set of equipment as follows:
* Trench-standing. It is installed in the trailer. It serves as a guide for placing bicycle on the platform.
* Trough-alley. It is necessary for the rolling of motor vehicles in the trailer.
* Leg support. They are attached to the “firm” of the trailer and prevent roll-over structure when loading.
* Straps. They remained on the platform bicycle.

Before installing additional equipment on the trailer, it should be asked to perform a number of operations, namely:
* Secure the handbrake of the vehicle.
* Set the wheel of a trailer wheel chocks. This will prevent involuntary movement during the loading bicycle     structure.
* Rear support legs mounted on the rear of the trailer and secure.

Rear rack mounts resulting in a complete special piece – trapeze and collar. Rack mounting process in the following order:
* Bike rack trailer remains near the rear of the trailer.
* Clamp lowered shelf extends up to.
* Clamp tightened.
Immerse bicycle in trailers to transport bicycle, you have to open the tailgate fully Trailer. Then, install and secure the stand to the bottom of the trailer for the bicycle. After the set-alley gutter. Parachute motor is driven to the trailer to escape. Lashing strap, bicycle tie firmly fixed in the body. For this purpose, there is a special hinge cradle. Now gangway removed and put into a trailer to transport bicycle. He is required when unpacking.

To secure support under bicycle, you need to pre-drill below the amount required Trailer holes. Their number depends on the number of art transported. bicycle used is produced in the same way, only instead of an alley in the tailgate secured two.

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