Best-selling Haynes Manual in lockdown is a guide to rearing chickens

Believe of a Haynes workshop guide and your brain possibly turns to a cutaway drawing of a BMC Mini, or a description of the intricacies relevant to shifting the clutch on an Austin-Healey Sprite or the throttle cable on a Triumph Bonneville.

But though car and bike manuals have remained well-known with property mechanics searching to do the job on their vehicles, the ideal-promoting guide in the Haynes sequence in the course of lockdown is a handbook on retaining chickens.

Need for live chickens has soared in the course of the coronavirus pandemic, to the extent that ready lists for the birds are running to months in some places. The growing recognition of chickens comes from cooped-up house owners going straight to the supply for their eggs, as supermarkets supply chains stay patchy.

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Plucky poultry fanciers who have been lucky enough to lay their hands

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