Day: May 5, 2021

Scottish start-up ATAE unveils new pure-electric 4×4

Scottish start-up, All Terrain All Electric powered (ATAE) will quickly launch a pure-electric 4×4 which it hopes will serve as an affordable and reliable workhorse for the UK’s farmers, plugging the gap still left by the previous technology Land Rover Defender.

It is known as the Munro Mark 1 and, like all the greatest tough-and-tumble off-roaders, it is developed on a easy ladder chassis and attributes are living entrance and rear axles, long lasting 4-wheel drive, locking differentials and two-speed transfer circumstance.

Nonetheless, not like competition who have produced equivalent vehicles this kind of as the Bollinger B1 and the new electric GMC Hummer, ATAE attempted to use present brake and suspension areas, sourced from OEMs inside the British isles where ever achievable, fairly than designing new units. The physique and the chassis, for example, are both sourced from Ibex Automotive in Yorkshire.

The rewards of this basic principle are

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